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Ten reasons why you should be using LinkedIn

1. It is your personal business website – your online CV.

2. For anyone who networks it is a very powerful aid. It allows you to network from your desk everyday and compliments any physical networking activity.

3. It requires very little upkeep, but it can keep you constantly in the frame.

4. It allows you to keep in touch with peers, prospects, clients wherever they go in future.

5. It allows intros to thousands of “2nd degree contacts” – people outside of your current network but in the direct network of your friends. Searchable by company.

6. It provides a transition from networking events – you’ve met someone; now what? Connect on LinkedIn.

7. It is the best way of keeping track of what people are doing and as a result it can provide you with a conversation starter – congratulate someone on a new job, an award etc.

8. It allows people to recommend you and your expertise/service and in turn, allows you to pass on recommendations.

9. For those on LinkedIn it is often the first place they go to check out new suppliers, businesses and key individuals.

10. For those not on LinkedIn you become more visible – your profile will appear high up Google searches so you get to control what information people see about you first.